2012 Mystery School at PrairieWise

Altars Everywhere

PrairieWise School offers four mystery school sessions and other related activities in 2012.  The intent of these sessions are to offer experiences that allow for self discovery and understanding. 

The journey of self-study is a path of experience, a kinesthetic road toward an individual and collective organic reality.  Experience allows us to bring into reality and form the thoughts, feelings and desires of our deepest selves.  Just as we travel toward our own self growth, with each experience we provide understanding for all life.  Life is tenacious.  If you doubt this, check out the plants that grow between the cracks in the sidewalk or watch how plants take over when open areas are unattended.

So, how does PrairieWise Mystery School contribute to the journey of self-study and growth?  Since this is a road of experience, the school provides exercises that allow one to reach a new understanding of themselves, others and the ongoing process of growth and change.  The lessons that are learned can be applied in daily life.  So that a deeper experience can happen, all mysteries will come from an integrated approach using a variety of thoughts and philosophies. 

Mystery School sessions are full days from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  You may stay over if you wish or leave after sufficient grounding.  All meals are pot luck.  During summer, camping area is available with a shower in the clubhouse.  There is a cabin that sleeps 6 for rent, $50 per night.  Reservations for the cabin are required. 

Calendar of Mystery School Activities


January 28     Turning the Wheel

In this mystery we will explore some beginning astrology focusing on understanding the meaning of the planets, their placements in houses, the elements and other basics.  We will also look at this wheel as it applies to the cycles of our lives. 


April 28       Sacred Sex

This mystery examines the sacred aspects of sex and our sexuality.  We will dance and breath our way to our most sacred selves. 


Sacred Dance with Regina

May 12   Song of the Womb  Women's retreat with Regina Compernolle and Maya Zahira

Enjoy an experience with 3 teachers working with 3 aspects of our sacred selves honoring the womb.  First we will learn the rhythm of the womb through drumming with Regina, then we will resonate with the womb song using our voices by chanting with Kahla, then our bodies and bellies must move with Maya.  Later that evening we will put it all together in a celebrating ceremony.  This workshop will be offered at Dogwood Forest in Kansas City, Kansas.  Cost: $80-125


August 31 - September 1  Once Upon a Blue Moon   2-day Workshop with overnight camping

Once upon a blue moon........

Our most creative time is during a full moon but more so with a blue moon.  This great creative ability comes "once upon a blue moon."  We will use our creative powers to build a creation altar from natural materials then offer our songs and dance to the great powers of creation.  Come create your next project, relationship or anything that feeds and nourishes you and other.



November 3      Feasting With The Ancestors

This mystery day honors our ancestors with a great feast.  We will set an altar to our ancestors and cook their most favorite foods.  While the veil is thin, let us nourish and feed our most ancient parts.  Soup of the Ancients, a dish that speaks to our DNA, will be served.


Mystery School session cost $75 each with camping accomodations except for Song of the Womb which is a sliding scale of $80-125 depending on your ability to pay.